Trace My Job – PRO

TraceMyJob – PRO contains all of the features listed in the TMJ – LITE and the additional features listed below:

Project Management

  1. Option to create multiple divisions with a unique parts list within one program and customize by user access to use each division
  2. The option to use a system created Service Management division that allows for the creation, order, confirmation, receipt and scheduling service requests
  3. Advance Search Function
  4. Customer Care – allow automatic sending of customized Thank you email or printed letters which can include payment receipt and/or copy of contract.
  5. Document Manager features that allows PDF documents to be scanned and uploaded to any job. After attachment, document can be viewed, printed or deleted
  6. Ability to trace payments for sales reps and installers
  7. Option to charge back or add extra payments for both sales reps and installers
  8. Installer Skill Matching – Decide which skills to track and match installers to the jobs that they possess the skills to install
  9. TMJ-PRO automatically charges back the cost of a mis-measure product to the person who measured it
  10. Tracks the vendor who measured the job and alerts the user of the measured by data and other “smart skills” when scheduling installation
  11. Contract Change – program automatically adds to or reduces the amount of sales commission for a job when the contract is changed
  12. Utilization of the “Jobs on Hold” function to stop the moving forward of a job including payment to vendors
  13. Job Cost reporting available with a single click


Dashboard – Company Statistics tab (permission based access) that provides the following data instantly updated with a “drill down” report feature on a Week-to-Date, Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date basis (2 year comparison):

  1. Sales Information Metrics including #Units Sold, Closing Percentage, Price/Unit, # Units/Contract, # of sales lead received by lead source
  2. Installer Information including # of units installed by installer with job level data listing job name and # of units installed.
  3. Financial Information


  1. Deposit Module (permission based access) provides a listing of payment processed separated by Cash/Check, Credit Card and Jobs Financed which facilitates the preparation of bank deposits.
  2. Accountant Module (permission based access) is the single location for data regarding sales rep commissions, product invoices, and installer payments
  3. Sales Rep Payment section includes the following data:
    • Pending commission payments including deductions due to contract changes
    • Pending mis-measure charge backs and extra payments
    • Warning for pending payments for jobs in cancellation period
    • Option to add charge backs or extra payments
  4. Product Invoice Payment section includes the following data:Tracks data by vendor to be paid including calculation of tax due and payment discount
  5. Installer Payment section includes the following data: Pending labor payments due with warning when labor payment exceeds negotiated labor rate for each job.
  6. Option to add charge backs or extra payments


  1. Detailed Sales Metrics Report
  2. Detailed Installer Metrics Report
  3. Accounting Reports including Deposit, Payments Made, vendor pay reports
  4. Management Reports including Marketing, Trend Analysis and Executive Report
  5. Job Summary Report
  6. Measured by Metrics Report

Security & Support

  1. Third party data entry
  2. Unlimited phone support with program share feature
  3. On-site training and implementation (2 days maximum)
  4. Owner in-house training (Rochester location) for unlimited number of days