Trace My Job – LITE

Project Management

  1. Automatic job numbering (no job number duplication)
  2. Complete job production cycle starting with job creation and ending with job closing
  3. Simplified product confirmation process
  4. Schedule calendar including automatic by job man hour calculation
  5. Ability to color code installers on install schedule calendar including the option to block dates and time for which an installer is not available to work
  6. Printable labor packets that are customized with only the labor components required to complete the installation for each job
  7. Tracking of partially completed job including those with mis-measured products
  8. Option to move back into the production cycle jobs with mis-measured products to include the order, confirmation, receipt and reschedule of the job
  9. Search function that allows searching by Name, Job Number, Street Address, City, Zip Code and more…….
  10. Option to export all search lists to Excel, PDF or CSV formats
  11. “My Preference” feature allows by user customization of the schedule calendar


  1. Dashboard – Centralized location for workflow process and program information. The dashboard is automatically updated as users complete their required tasks
  2. Daily “To-Do” list designed to provide the user with a prioritized list of tasks that need to be completed promoting efficient time management skills
  3. Dashboard reminders to order, confirm receive and/ or schedule jobs with a single click
  4. Option for management to track on a “real – time” basis the progress of users to complete the required tasks on the “To-Do” list
  5. Customizable Alerts for the following:
    • Installers that have more than the allowed number of labor packets or have exceeded the number of days allowed for the labor packet to be outstanding.
    • Products that have been ordered but not confirmed
    • Products that were not received on the scheduled day of shipment
    • Sales Reps with expired or pending expiration Drivers Licenses
    • Products that are in your warehouse more than one week


  1. Accounts Receivable module that ensures that each job is paid in full prior to closing
  2. Option to export TMJ data to Quickbooks using the WebConnector feature in either summary or detail level format


  1. Customer Referral Lists, parts lists, job status list and more
  2. Alerts List

Security & Support

  1. Definable user levels allow the ability to grant or limit what can be processed or is visible in the TMJ application
  2. Allows the utilization of the “Jobs on Hold” feature that limits the movement forward of flagged jobs only by designated users